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Read all about it here - Blurb on Singapore

Now that Privasec is officially in Singapore, this means that we have an APAC reach and will be able to assist our customers at their other locations as well. We are definitely looking forward to supporting more Cyber community related events in Singapore in the next few months so watch this space! 

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Great work on Shamane Tan's Cyber Risk Meetup being featured in the Australian Security Magazine.

Our Director Prashant Haldankar also did a fantastic job contributing at the panel discussion focusing on the new Cybersecurity Act that has been passed in Singapore. Onwards and upwards indeed!

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Privasec hosted a Cyber Risk Meetup round-table luncheon last month in Sydney, and our cybersecurity specialists exposed a number of large enterprise executives to a broad range of red-teaming attacks. The executives were stunned to discover the reality of how both physical and information security systems were breached to achieve the 'capture the flag' goal.

A Privasec sticker was left as proof of any successful break-in entry into the senior staff offices, server rooms which includes full network administraion level access. Karan Khosla, Co-founder of Privasec, takes one out of the four case studies that were shared, and goes into detail Privasec's red-teaming operations.

Hear all about it in this podcast interview with Chris Cubbage, Executive Editor for My Security Media (click on the icon on the right).

Privasec announced today that they are excited to welcome Chris Allen to the company. Chris will take the lead of Privasec’s operations in Queensland, charged with overseeing the company’s continued growth across the state.

News update written by Shamane Tan, APAC Cyber Security Advisor

Despite the heavy rain this morning, attending an educational breakfast presentation hosted by Lloyd's Register together with Privasec was a great way to start the day! It was quite enjoyable hearing from our very own Dr. Ignatius Swart as he demystified ISO 27001:2013, discussed common misconceptions, and explained what is really required for businesses to obtain certification. He was such a natural, having previously been invited to speak many times at huge conferences attended by ministers, defence and government bodies. This morning, he delivered a fantastic presentation in a clear and concise manner, going through 10 ISO27001 misconceptions that debunked incorrect theories and perceptions commonly stopping businesses from getting ISO 27001:2013 certified.

We are extremely proud of our Senior Consultant Mike Monnik, who delivered an incredible presentation last week at the Cybersecurity & Cyber Risk Meetup in Melbourne. He spoke on the Threat of Drones (from a hacker's perspective), and had the entire crowd captivated. Well articulated, great content, new perspectives, and inspiring passion. John C. Maxwell, an internationally recognised leadership expert,nailed it when he said this, that a great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. Well done! #dronesecurity #iotsecurity #cyberriskmeetup