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Technical Assurance

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

Penetration Testing

Technically oriented assessments performed using techniques employed by hackers that test the resiliency of controls and identify the extent of compromises to your business.

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Vulnerability Management

Regular scanning of your infrastructure to promptly detect vulnerabilities, allowing you to patch systems and stay safe from ransomware attacks like Petya, EternalBlue and WannaCry.

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How we do it?

Privasec uses thorough and proven methodologies to perform all engagements. Our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management methodologies have been built and refined over years and include industry recognised best practices such as The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and NIST SP 800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment.

Talk to us and we’ll confirm your requirements and specification of the targeted system to give you a quote and get the ball rolling.

What you see and what you get

6 reasons to use Privasec for your next penetration test.



Well Structured

We have seen and worked with dozens of reports over the years and designed our report templates to be easy to work with and act upon.


Our reports and presentations are designed to provide both technical and business stakeholders with clear understanding of the risks identified and of the recommendation made.


We also provide the technical teams with all the details required to prioritise and remediate (including patching) the risks identified.

We don’t just deliver a dry lengthy report and walk away. We’ll walk you through our findings and answer your questions, high or low level, over the phone or in person.

We stay on top of our game.

We’ve been providing a range of managed and ad-hoc vulnerability and penetration testing services for years and are continuously keeping abreast of new trends, methodologies and techniques. From infrastructure to web applications, wireless networks and mobile applications, we’ve tested the security of many systems and companies over time.

We’re people, not just email addresses.

Your penetration tester will always come onsite to present the report and answer your questions.

Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

Assessments focusing on vulnerabilities specific to web applications.

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External Penetration Testing

Find weaknesses within your Internet facing infrastructure.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses within wireless network deployments.

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Internal Penetration Testing

Protect your information assets from attacks originating from the internal network.

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Cloud Penetration Testing

Assess the security of your cloud provider’s environment.

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Assessments focusing on vulnerabilities specific to mobile applications (iOS, Android)

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Citrix/Remote Access Penetration Testing

Determine weaknesses within remote/ work from home deployments used by staff and third-parties.

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OWSAP TOP10-only Penetration Testing

Web applications penetration tests focusing only of the current Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 security vulnerabilities.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses within wireless network deployments.

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Social Engineering and Physical Penetration Testing

Measure the level of security awareness amongst employees.

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Vulnerability Management Services

We run automated scans against your environment to identify known vulnerabilities that may be exploited and could impact the security of your information assets and ultimately your business.

Ad-hoc Vulnerability Scanning

Automated scans to keep help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities within your environment

Ongoing Vulnerability Management

Fully managed and ongoing vulnerability scanning service to help you proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities within your environment. We’ll even create the vulnerability management framework if you don’t have one.

Give us a call and we will confirm your requirements, as well as the specifications of the targeted system(s) so we can get the ball rolling for you asap.

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