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Increasing Regulatory Landscape


Over the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for compliance within the Australian market. Government agencies and most large companies are making it mandatory for service providers to be compliant in order to work with them.

Our consultants have been helping organisations achieve compliance and, more importantly, maintain compliance to a range of standards while keeping costs low.

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We have seen it all


Privasec consultants have for many years been providing practical guidance to organisations to help them meet and maintain compliance to various standards.

Over the last decade, our consultants have worked with small, medium and large organisations across a spectrum of users within Australia, particularly Government, Financial Services, Retail, IT, Health, Entertainment and Not-for-Profit.

We’ve seen all degrees of (im)maturity and can always help no matter where you stand. Now is always a good time to get help.


Market Differentiator

Market expectations are shifting, forcing you to lift your game.

Compliance to standards shows your customers your commitment to protect their data. Certification is a true market differentiator when it comes to winning new business.

PCI DSS Services

Helping you through the entire PCI DSS journey and providing practical advice to keep compliance costs low.
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Compliance Assisting you in designing and implementing a practical and a certifiable information security management system that deliver real value.
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ISM/PSPF Compliance

We help private and government organisations to comply with Attorney General’s PSPF and Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) ISM.

We also work with each state’s adaptations of the ISM (IS18, ISMF, etc.)

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APRA PPG 234 Compliance

Helping financial services organisations to identify compliance gaps against PPG 234 and providing practical remediation guidance.
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NIST SP800/500-x

Assessments to measure compliance against NIST standards and providing practical remediation guidance.
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ITIL (ISO20000)

Helping you define and implement practical and certifiable ITIL practices within your IT environment, and providing assistance during certification audits.
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Tender and Bid Security Input

Assisting you in building security requirements into your tenders (when you tender) and in your responses (when you bid).
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STAR CSA Compliance

Assessing cloud services against the CSA’s Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and STAR maturity model, to prepare you for the certification audits.
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Privacy Assessments

Assessments to help you identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within your business, and the associated security and legal risks.
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Outsourcing and Vendor Contract Compliance

Performing security assurance assessments of your service providers to measure compliance against your contracts and compliance/security requirements.
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Integrated Management Systems (QMS, EMS, ISMS)

Combining your existing or developing management system into one to drive value and reduce audit costs. We can also leverage your existing QMS or EMS to build and integrate a certifiable ISMS.
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Contract Preparation and Review Services

Working with you to ensure that your contacts protect your information, in line with your business requirements.
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I-RAP Assessments

Assessing agencies and private organisation’s ability to handle government information in compliance with ASD’s requirements.
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