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Is your cloud
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Cloud & Cyber Security

Cyber Security is now a persistent business risk as businesses are becoming increasingly inter-connected with a high demand for information accessibility and availability across many channels.

Cyber Security Services

Cloud adoption is set to dominate IT investments for the coming years therefore protecting your business from cyber-related exposure is critical.

Cloud Security Service

So what?

With the increase in cloud adoption executives face tangible reputational and legal risks they are often not aware of.

Cloud Computing was amongst the top 5 security challenges in 2014 and the implementation of security controls remains a challenge for many organisations using a cloud service provider.

Cloud delivers rapid, cost-effective and commoditised business IT solutions. Security and information risks are the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption.

Data breaches not only negatively impact Australian businesses, they also significantly damage reputation and drive away customers.

Ponemon Institute 2014, 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

Be proactive and start managing your cyber security risks today.

Our suite of services is matched to your specific business needs and balanced with the value-at-risk. Call us for an initial consultation.


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Our tailored security assessments will help you identify, manage, measure and report on your information security compliance requirements through the provision of a complete end-to-end framework and program of standards, processes and tools.

We work towards reducing your costs,while maintaining quality and managing security compliance.

Our Experience

Our Could and Cyber Security Services follow a holistic approach to develop effective data governance as well as operational and technical practices allowing you to manage your business risks, to enable you to deliver your core business solutions.

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced across various industry verticals having worked in prior engagements.

We remove the complexity of getting you where
you want to be – whatever your starting point.

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With our tailored approach we have assisted many organisations with cloud security assessments.

We’ve helped build frameworks to manage cloud security through appropriate risk management.

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Assessment

Know and manage your business risks in the cloud. Privasec consultants are one of the very few STAR CSA Lead Auditors in Australia.

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Cloud Vendor Governance and Compliance Audits

How good are your providers? Know your vendors security posture. It’s ultimately your responsibility.
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Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud Security Strategy Definition

Which model suits your business the best? Let us help you decide.

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STAR CSA Certification

Get independent assessment and certify your cloud from one of the very few STAR CSA Lead Auditors in Australia

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Cloud Security Health Check

Find out how secure your in-the-cloud information is and how well your governance, SLAs and contracts protect you

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Cyber Security Services


Call us today to check the pulse of your security
controls and diagnose strengths and weaknesses.

Cyber Security Improvement Roadmap

What are your information security strengths and weaknesses? Are you protecting your most important business assets?

Our assessments help you design a strategic security roadmap or simply identify specific solutions to resolve your business’ security weaknesses.

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SCADA/Critical Infrastructure Security Assessment

Historically, security in the world of SCADA was managed by the principles of “security by obscurity”. In today’s interconnected world the security of such networks needs to be addressed. We provide vendor-neutral, independent, assurance and improvement services that will help you protect your critical infrastructure assets.

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Security Architecture Design Assessment

Our approach takes into consideration your business strategy and objectives, and ensures that security impacts on your enterprise architecture are addressed appropriately.

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Secure Configuration Standard

We define and build customised security standards, across major operating systems, to meet your business security and compliance needs.

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Cyber Security Health Check

How well do you protect electronic information? Find out how you compare against industry peers and leading security standards spanning across people, process and technological security controls.

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